The Winter 2018 Wine Club Selection awaits you.

Harvest 2017 will certainly go down in the history books. There were four of the longest and hottest heatwaves ever and the devastating wildfires putting the whole wine industry in danger. Although it was a challenging year, Winemaker Robert Rex explains that this is a winemaker’s year. As Robert puts it: “When everything is perfect, it is easy to make good wine. Challenging vintages, however, showcase the best winemakers.” We look forward to tasting the miraculous 2017 survivors.

Now more than ever, we are reminded of the importance of spending time with loved ones for the holidays. We hope you enjoy the 2018 Winter Wine Club Selection. Raise a glass and toast all the first responders, for whom we will always be grateful. As always, please allow your wines 2 to 3 weeks resting time after their journey. Happy Holidays from us at Deerfield to you and your family!


Bridget Waldele
Wine Club Ambassador


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Wine Club Full Case
Reds Only

Total retail price $542.00
Wine Club price $433.60

2011 Deerfield @Cabernet
Sonoma Valley
Wednesday night @Cabernet sets a new standard.

Two Bottles

Whether it is Clean Wine® with low histamines and low sulfites, or blending by taste to make the best wine, Deerfield continues to raise the bar. We could have thrown any relatively good Cabernet into the bottle; after all this is a $24 wine not an $85 wine, who would notice? Well, we would, and so would you. The 2011 @Cabernet has everything and more than you expect from a Cabernet. Cabernet is the dominant flavor and forms the foundation and long finish. The Cabernet Franc adds a dark chocolate nuance and the Merlot fills the middle palate. The Petite Verdot adds a spice, and the Malbec adds blackberry flavors to the blend.

Retail $24

2012 Petit Verdot
Sonoma Valley
Full immersion, like diving into the deep end.

Two Bottles

Petit Verdot is best known as a grape used in the blending of French Bordeaux wines and California Meritage wines. It adds tannin, acid, and color to those blends. By itself, it is a powerful combination of dark berries, chocolate, espresso, and leather nuances focused on the front of your palate. Malbec accentuates the fruit on the back side and Cabernet gives it a long finish. Grapes from three Petit Verdot vineyards were used in this blend. Petit Verdot is a unique wine that pairs well with grilled foods, rich sauces, and dark chocolate. We produced 170 cases.

Retail $42

2012 Malbec Cuvée
Sonoma Valley

Two Bottles

Cuvée means “wine blend” in French. The 2012 Malbec Cuvée has flavors of dark blackberries, mocha, and dark chocolate, surrounded by a bouquet of spice, with hints of cherries, vanilla and cedar. The oak influence is subdued. The focus is on the fruit. Deep and full bodied, it is complex and perfectly balanced on the palate, and exhibits great structure and length. Thanks to 3 ½ years of aging in the barrel, the 2012 Malbec Cuvee has soft tannins and is both ready to drink now, and can be laid down for several years. It pairs well with beef stew, hamburgers, and desserts with blackberries.

Retail $48

2012 Estate Syrah
Sonoma Valley
Biodynamically grown, certified organic. A true expression of terroir

Two Bottles

This Syrah is from the organic vineyard that surrounds our wetlands. Syrah’s flavor profile generally focuses near the bottom of the palate, grounded and earthy. This one is different. It shows generous dark berry flavors in the center of the palate, expanding in all directions. This is the perfect BBQ wine.

Retail $38

2014 Pinot Noir
Russian River Valley
A pitch- perfect Pinot, honoring the subtlety of the varietal.

Two Bottles

The color is light and delicately transparent typical of the best Pinot Noir. A flowery, complex and varietally correct nose promises a true Pinot experience. Layered flavors expand in the mid-palate in perfect balance, rolling backwards and expanding outwards, evolving into a lingering finish. As with the greatest Pinots, this one is feminine, and delicate, and pairs with a wider variety of foods than any other wine.

Retail $65

2013 Sangiovese
Alpicella Vineyard, Sonoma County
A bed of ripe strawberries on a summer morning

Two Bottles

Sangiovese is the national grape of Italy and it grows everywhere. Americans are still getting to know this delicious varietal that emotes roses and ripe strawberries. We’ve been making Sangiovese from Dan Sanchez’s mountain top vineyard for 11 years. We blended in small amounts of a few varietals to accentuate the fruit flavor of the Sangiovese and give the wine a longer finish. The wine was aged 40 months in used oak barrels, producing a subtle influence of oak flavor and a big influence on smoothness. Our 2013 Sangiovese pairs beautifully with Italian cuisine. It is ready to drink now and our Clean Wine® techniques assures that this wine will remain delicious well into the 2020s.

Retail $48

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