The Spring 2017 Wine Club Selection is here!

It was an extended, rainy winter in wine country, leaving the hills green, lush and flourishing. Northern California has officially recovered from the five-year drought, we now welcome the signs of spring popping out to greet us. The wild plum trees that are common to the Sonoma Valley have magnificently bloomed and the vines will soon wake from their winter dormancy. Although Mother Nature hasn’t completely made up her mind if winter is over, we put together a peace offering of our favorite Deerfield wines for some spring motivation. Your Spring Wine Club Selection is an exciting one, containing many brand-new releases of the spectacular wines from the 2012 vintage, including the new kind on the block – The 2012 Malbec Cuvée.

From the Deerfield Family to yours, Happy Renewals!     


Bridget Waldele
Wine Club Ambassador


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Total retail price $112.00
Wine Club price $100.80

2014 White Rex
Sonoma County

One Bottle

40% Pinot Grigio, 35% White Riesling, 16% Sauvignon Blanc, 9% Chardonnay

Winemaking is like cooking. The best dishes are a combination of flavors, of subtle nuances spread around the palate. White Rex follows this lead, each varietal playing an important role in the overall experience. Pinot Grigio is the base and brings the bouquet and flavor of white peaches and focus in the mid-palate. The Riesling brings Granny Smith apples and focus in the back-side palate. The Sauvignon Blanc adds tropical fruit flavors, particularly pineapple and mangos and focuses on the front palate. The Chardonnay adds a long finish, depth and complexity, from the center of your palate around the sides to the back.

Retail $28

2013 Pinot Noir
Russian Rivery Valley
Sonoma County

One Bottle

The Russian River Valley is the most highly regarded Sonoma appellation for Pinot Noir. The soil is volcanic, mixed with soils from ancient California Redwood Forests deposited by the Russian River over eons. The summer mornings are shrouded in Pacific fog followed by brief hours of sunshine producing Pinot Noir that is elegant and complex. As a result, Pinot Noir pairs with more foods than any other varietals.

Retail $48

2012 Estate Syrah
Sonoma Valley

One Bottle

A True Expression of Terroir

This Syrah is from the organic vineyard in front of the winery.  Syrah’s flavor profile generally focuses near the bottom of the palate, grounded and earthy. This one is different.  It shows generous dark berry flavors in the center of the palate, expanding in all directions.

Retail $38