The Spring 2017 Wine Club Selection is here!

It was an extended, rainy winter in wine country, leaving the hills green, lush and flourishing. Northern California has officially recovered from the five-year drought, we now welcome the signs of spring popping out to greet us. The wild plum trees that are common to the Sonoma Valley have magnificently bloomed and the vines will soon wake from their winter dormancy. Although Mother Nature hasn’t completely made up her mind if winter is over, we put together a peace offering of our favorite Deerfield wines for some spring motivation. Your Spring Wine Club Selection is an exciting one, containing many brand-new releases of the spectacular wines from the 2012 vintage, including the new kind on the block – The 2012 Malbec Cuvée.

From the Deerfield Family to yours, Happy Renewals!     


Bridget Waldele
Wine Club Ambassador


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Wine Club Six Pack
Reds Only

Total retail price $265.00
Wine Club price $225.25

2012 Malbec Cuvée
Sonoma Valley

One Bottle

Cuvée means “wine blend” in French. This Malbec Cuvée is has flavors of dark blackberries, mocha, and dark chocolate, surrounded by a bouquet of spice and with hints of cherries, vanilla and cedar. The oak influence is subdued. The focus is on the fruit. Deep and full bodied, it is complex, and perfectly balanced on the palate and exhibited great structure and length. Thanks to 3 ½ years of aging in the barrel, it has soft tannins and is ready to drink now and can be laid down for several years. It pairs well with beef stew, hamburgers and desserts with blackberries.

Retail $48

2012 Zinfandel
Los Chamizal
Sonoma Valley

One Bottle

If you want to know what Zinfandel should taste like, this is it. The aromatic entry, like a potpourri of black Boysenberries and red raspberries, explodes in the middle palate with big round fruit that adds strawberries and ripe cherries, all together, the essence of Zinfandel grapes.

Retail $48

2012 Super-T Rex
Sonoma Valley

One Bottle

42% Sangiovese, 19% Merlot, 13% Malbec, 13% Cabernet Sauvignon, 10% Petit Verdot,
2% Cabernet Franc, 1% Syrah

Modeled after Super Tuscans, the great blends of Tuscany, Super T–Rex, celebrates the Rex Family’s Italian heritage and our winemaker’s art. To Sangiovese, Italy’s most popular varietal, Robert added six varietals, in degrees determined by taste, to enhance the Sangiovese experience and delight your palate.

Retail $65

2011 Merlot Cuvée
Sonoma Valley

One Bottle

A whole new reason to love Merlot

The Merlot flavors are all up front on the palate. At its simplest, it is like a balloon with a string, lots of nose and promise up front then fading quickly. By blending the varietals, we have achieved a complex Merlot with a long finish. The varietals are carefully sorted, fermented separately in a well-fed and well-managed yeast environment in order to assure the wine is clean ( The varietals are barreled and aged separately for 2 years; then blended by taste, and barrel aged for another year. The 2011 Merlot Cuvée is a perfect cocktail wine and pairs well with medium bodied foods.  

Retail $30

2012 Red Rex
Sonoma County

One Bottle

Red Rex is fruit forward, full-bodied, complex and velvety. The grapes were triple hand sorted for quality. Each lot was separately aged for two years in select French and American oak barrels, blended by taste and returned to the barrels for a total of 32 months barrel aging.

Each varietal fits in the blend like a piece in a puzzle, reaching every corner of your palate. Winemaking is 60% cooking and 40% chemistry. It’s about the quality of the ingredients, style and technique. Red Rex is like the best soup or sauce you’ve ever tasted and will pair with everything from ham sandwiches to your best gourmet dish.

Retail $32

2012 Sangiovese
Alpicella Vineyard
Sonoma Valley

One Bottle

The Sangiovese Experience starts with an aroma of strawberries and roses in front of your palate. The Merlot enhances this initial experience. With the ­first sip, the flavors expand rapidly into a swell of mid-palate flavors that crests forward into a wave that evokes ripe strawberries fresh from the patch along with a bit of Allspice and cedar cigar box. The Malbec is picked up as Blackberry notes in the bottom back of the palate as a continuation of the fruit essence. The oak affect is very subtle, leaving the grapes to express their uniqueness. The tannins are restrained and meld perfectly with the fruit. The finish is long and gentle.

Retail $42